When considering the best Kratom Strain for anxiety you also want to pay attention to the color. Based on kratom users’ reference, the combination of vein and strain decides the Kratom’s effect.

Vein Color Pertaining To Anxiety


Green veins are king when it comes to mild and relaxing also can relieve pain while improves energy

  • RED

Just like Green provides pain relief as well, red provides anxiety relief. It is actually even stronger anxiety relief mixing red with green.

  • White

White veins are king when it comes to anxiety. They are not downers but mood enhancers. They relieve stress and give euphoric effects. So, it might be true for many users said this strain that can help anxiety problems.

Top Anxiety Strains

  • Malay

The alkaloids found in Malay Kratom reduce anxiety, cause euphoria and are rich in mood-boosting properties.

  • Borneo

Borneo kratom as a whole is known for its high content of alkaloids. Even white Borneo provides good relief for stress and anxiety.

  • Bali

Bali kratom is the most well rounded Kratom strain. It’s not necessarily GREAT at one thing but it is above average at everything.

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