Kratom is a natural supplement and has been used to very positive effect by millions of users across the world.  An abundance of people searches for kratom.  Whether it be to treat an addiction to opiates or improve energy levels, Kratom has been able to offer people numerous solutions to their everyday problems through its alkaloids. Another unsuspected positive contribution is emerging from what has been learned about Kratom so far, one that millions suffer from and have not found a preventative cure for yet. Kratom and diabetes can both be found commonly in Southeast Asia. Kratom is an indigenous plant to some of the countries within that geographical region, so the usage of kratom as a treatment of diabetes has been commonly done since it’s discovery.

Why is Kratom an effective treatment for diabetes?

Type-2 diabetes is found in people who lack insulin to be able to transport blood sugars in their bodies into the cells. Kratom has contents within it that are able to restore insulin and it’s the ability to function within the body.

While there is a correlation that comes from Kratom and the treatment of diabetes, the pharmaceutical drug industry has no interest in creating a drug that may reverse diabetes. The lack of interest in treating this epidemic tells us a lot about the industry and its business model regarding treatments to very large profitable health risks.

Diabetes serves as a health risk that has emerged more often than ever in human history. It allows for-profit businesses to reap monetary gain while also dealing drugs that are vital to people diagnosed with it. When something like type-2 diabetes, a major expense that is covered by insurance and allows shareholders to increase their quarterly profits, has the potential of being reversed it can be dangerous for these companies.

Billions of dollars will be lost and the dependency for any additional treatment for diabetes will be unnecessary. This includes doctor visits, monthly supplies of metformin, test strips for blood sugar, and even syringes.

Change Lifestyle

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that diabetics change their lifestyle and diets in order to effectively control diabetes. Ironically, the use of metformin is on the rise. People are more inclined to seek out instant solutions than make drastic changes. When it comes to eating and enjoyment, our society nowadays only lives by the need for more medications that help deal with health-risk problems as quickly as possible.

Kratom is able to offer help to those who have a hard time putting down the fork. This is due to the DEA’s research which shows Kratom can help with weight loss. Although they criticize its weight loss effects, it could actually be beneficial to those with diabetes because kratom is able to reduce appetite, promote euphoric feelings and could be used to help blood sugars move through insulin lacking people. This herb may have all the necessary tools to help any diabetic tackle their problems, yet no one seems to be in support of it.

Although having its terrible reputation, millions of Kratom users in Southeast Asia are living better lives because of Kratom and its effects. Many Americans have found the benefits of Kratom as well, so isn’t it time Kratom gets the research and attention it needs?

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