Air Freight is our new shipping service from Indonesia to our customers at the whole of United State. Air Freight provide you a shipment based on weight. First, order 1-499 kg will be sent to our warehouse at US for transit. Then the package will distributed by our people there to the address of each customer through FedEx, USPS or other local expedition. The shipment is estimated at around 10-15 days arrived at the point. It will takes time more because we have to wait for other customers order to be able to meet the minimum capacity of Air Freight, 500 kg. Whereas for customers who order more than 500 kg, will be sent directly from Indonesia to the recipient’s address without transit at warehouse. The estimated delivery time is around 5-10 days.
Currently air freight shipping is available on our website. For purchases of ≥ 500 kg there is no additional fee. However, for the purchase of 1-499 kg, customers are charged an additional fee for shipping from warehouse to their respective addresses using FedEx, USPS, or other local expedition.

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