What Is DHL Special ?

DHL Special is one of the shipments from DHL Express that we do this shipment through a forwarder. The estimation of shipping time is 5-7 days from where the tracking is given. The advantage of using this shipping service is they provide guarantee.

Term and Conditions:

  • Minimum order 4 kilos.
  • Orders up to 20 kilos and multiples are not subject to additional fees ( 23, 40, 43, 60, 63, or 66 kilos.) The aim of this condition is to lower the shipping cost because the maximal amount of 1 box packaging is 22 kilos.
  • For odd number purchases, ex. 25, 30, 34, 50, and so on. Please contact our customer service at info@borneohale.com for further information.
  • A provided guarantee is refunding the shipping costs, and $2/kg for the product’s value.
  • Refund will be sent after the package being held in customs after 14 days.

What Is Local Pick Up ?

We provide you option called “Local Pick up” on our website. Local Pickup is a method that allows the customer to pick up the order themselves. In one hand, If the customer want to pick the item by themselves, the Customer need to ask the detail address to seller. In the other hand, when the customer has no time to pickup the item by themselves, there are a lot of expedition service to pickup the item like UPS, FedEx, or DHL (depend on what expedition which is available in the seller and customer area).
For an example, if you had a UPS account, you can propose them to pickup your item at our warehouse. As soon as your order is ready you will receive a text message letting you know it is done and ready for pickup along with the address you are picking up from. The important thing that Customer need to do is asked the courier like FedEx, UPS, or DHL to pickup the item (make sure that you have account of these courier). The seller will not charge you the shipping cost, but customer would pay shipping charges to the courier service directly.

What is UPS (United Parcel Service) ?

UPS is one of our shipping method that we do this shipment through a forwarder. The estimation of shipping time is 3-7 days from Pontianak to the destination. The advantage of using this shipping service is that UPS ship very fast even could only takes 2 days to arrive. Although it ship very fast, unfortunately, UPS don’t give any guarantee for the shipping if one day, you find your package got seized by the customs. We do not recommend UPS for US countries because based on our experience, the possibility of UPS to get through the customs is very small.

Estimated Delivery

This estimated for ship to USA and EU Country

  • Pos International Regular 14-16 Days
  • DHL Special (Guaranteed) 5-7 Days
  • UPS 3-7 Days

We recommend use Pos International Regular for safe delivery to US countries and UPS for European countries. Please note that the expected delivery date is provided by the courier, and is subject to change. For any questions, please contact the courier directly.

For DHL Special, Please contact our customer service at info@borneohale.com for further information.

Do you ship globally?

We process international orders through Pos International. Our postal agreement allows us to ship to most countries. International shipping rates vary depending on the cost of your order and the location of your shipping address.

For US customer we dont ship some state: Indiana, Tennessee, Vermont, and Wisconsin. See refference http://speciosa.org/kratom-legality-map/

When will you ship my order?

We will ship your order after withdraw your payment, for bulk quantity order if some product out of stock we will waiting maximum 1 week (usually 2-4 days) to waiting product in stock and then we will ship your order after finish packaging.

Will I receive tracking on my package?

Yes, definitely. Borneohale operated business located in West Kalimantan and will ship you package to Pos International located in Jakarta, take 1-3 days for arrived in Pos International. After Courir release you tracking number we will put you tracking number in your account page. All orders will receive email about order status include tracking number. Occasionally, tracking will be displayed as invalid on the Pos International website. Please be patient as often this “invalid” tracking number will correct itself once scanned in at the main Pos International hub. Be sure to add info@borneohale.com to your whitelist so our emails don’t end up in your junk mail folder.

Who pays for international import taxes?

International orders may be subject to import duties and taxes on receipt of the package in the destination country. The customer is responsible for any customs charges that may be applied to the shipment. Unfortunately, Borneohale has no control over these charges. Customs determines these charges and Borneohale has no way of knowing what these charges may be. Borneohale is not responsible for any actions taken by customs or the chosen package delivery service.

Guaranteee and Refund ?

We always give you complete document for customs clearance process in your country. But unfortunately we have no guarantee and refund if customs seized you package.